• Am I Addicted to Sugar?
         Stop what you are doing and put the soda down…or iced coffee …or juice…  Or whatever is in your hand that probably has way too much sugar, but… Read more
  • What Is Technology Addiction Doing to Our Overall Health? - Part 1
         Currently as you are reading this article you are looking at a screen. Whether it be a computer, tablet or smartphone, it’s still a screen. If you are like Read more
  • We Get More When We Give
                 We get more when we give. It’s such a simple concept yet it feels so out of touch with what is going on in our Read more
  • "I Don't Have Any Pain, Why Do I Need to Be Adjusted?
    Welcome to my all too infrequent blog.I was reading an article today that stirred me to finally sit down to write my thoughts about a recurring patient question throughout my Read more
  • Video Blog: What Is Water Good For Anyways?
    Why is water so important to the human body? How much water do we actually need a day per day? What happens to our bodies when we are dehydrated? Read more
  • 5 Tips for Reducing Anxiety during the Holidays
    5 Tips for Reducing Anxiety during the HolidaysThe holiday season often brings higher levels of anxiety, but it doesn’t have to be this way.  Too many of us become incredibly Read more
  • Text Neck
    Could the Pain in Your Neck Be from your Phone?Main Street Chiropractic Offers Text Neck Pain ReliefBy: Dr. Curtis BairdIf you are age 50 and over, you may have incorporated Read more
  • Optimal Health's Second Factor
    Optimal Health's Second FactorBy Dr. Curtis BairdYou wouldn't expect a star athlete, a championship team, or anyone operating at peak function to perform well without proper coaching, training and workouts, Read more
  • Spring Into Wellness
         No matter what part of the country you live in, this winter has been especially hard on everyone. We have seen an extended season of cold temperatures, snow Read more
  • Video Blog: Spring Into Wellness
                Spring is officially here.  This time of year, can be described as magical. As temperatures rise each one of feels a renewed energy source Read more
  • Video Blog: Ask Dr. Baird - Inflammatory Foods
    On this episode of Ask Dr. Baird, he discusses inflammation in regards to nutritional habits increasing or decreasing it. If you have any questions you would like Dr. Baird to answer in Read more
  • Video Blog: Get Fit Don't Sit
    On this episode of Wellness Wisdom Wednesday, it's the American Diabetes Association’s National #GetFitDontSit Day so, we cover easy tips you can do throughout your work day to add more Read more
  • Video Blog: The Wellness Kid - Tech Neck Tips
    Meet the Wellness Kid! She loves wellness/chiropractic and wants the world to love it too. On this episode it's all about Tech Neck Tips. Read more
  • Video Blog: The Rule of 3
    Our transition from inactivity in the winter to activity in the summer can sometimes inevitably lead to injury! To get back to 100% quicker, just follow The Rule of 3. Read more

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