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Nutritional Consultation How to Survive Cold & flu Season

Along with the oncoming holiday season, what has been traditionally referred to as "The Flu Season" is also upon us.  With that in mind I would like to help clear up some confusion about this topic.

A severe cold can mimic the flu.  There are more than 200 cold viruses, they mutate a lot, and virtually everyone has the symptoms from time to time.  Although, the worst colds might feel like the flu, lots of people that say they have the flu really do not.  Only about 20 percent of all influenza-like illness that occurs every year is actually associated with an influenza virus.  Many types of respiratory illnesses with flu-like symptoms can be mistaken for influenza.  This fact has been verified by the CDC.  About 80 percent of the suspected cases of influenza sent to the CDC for lab analysis test negative for type A or B influenza.  So, when the CDC says, "On average 226,000 people are hospitalized every year because of influenza and 36,000 die, these may not be "influenza" related illness or deaths.

Think about this...when the flu vaccine marketing gears up and hits the air waves and you begin to hear the same old tactics about the "thousands" that have been 'hospitalized or die from the flu', you need to ask yourself a few questions:

1.  How many of those were truly "influenza"?  Strep throat, pneumonia and upper respiratory infections can all mimic the flu.

2.  Of those who are hospitalized or die because of flu complications, how many of those have pre-existing health conditions which make them more susceptible to serious complications from the flu?

3.  Is the flu vaccine really my only option?  Does health come from a shot?

To answer the last question for you, no, health does not come in the form of an injection or shot; and yes, there are alternatives to being inoculated.

The health of the immune system is the most important aspect of protecting yourself from colds, the flu and any potential complications.  There are many effective ways to stay well during the flu season.  Very important things to consider for prevention - hygiene, proper nutrition, hydration, stress management, exercise, quality of sleep and vitamin D supplementation.

The majority of actions we can take are easy, if we simply take the time to do them.  They are actions we should already be taking for good healthful lives.

1.  Wash your hands - most viruses can be transmitted through physical contact.

2.  Eat plenty of vegetables - choose 3 vegetables for every fruit we eat.

3.  Water is and will always be the elixir of life - drink minimally 3 quarts of water per day.

4.  Find ways to minimize the stress - learn to say "no" if your life is too busy.

5.  Exercise 3-4 times per week - walking has been documented to help so many different maladies.

6.  Sleep is when the body repairs itself - get 5-9 hours of quality sleep per night.

A quick word about Vitamin D:  Also referred to as the sunshine vitamin.  An estimated 80% of the North American population is thought to be deficient in this nutrient.  Research and studies have discovered this vitamin to be more than the healthy bone nutrient that it was thought to be 20-25 years ago.  It is now known to be very important to the immune system and many other functions.  Before starting supplementation it is advised to have  your vitamin D status tested.  Having this important vitamin at optimum levels is a huge step in preventing the flu.

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To Prevent Colds and Flu (adults):

1. Strictly avoid all dairy - past the age of infancy milk has very little health benefit for us, and it is a mucus producing food.

2.  Stay hydrated - drink 1 quart of water per 50 lbs of body weight, not to exceed 3 quarts per day.

3.  Get adequate protein - your main meal should consist of 25% protein. Good protein choices are: seeds, nuts, sprouts, quinoa, eggs, poultry, beef and pork.

4.  Exercise at least 30 minutes, 3 days per week - brisk walking is simple, easy and cheap, and it works

5.  Supplementation for the Fall and Winter for a 150 lbs adult:

a.  Bio-Immunozyme Forte is a very effect product in the form of a multiple vitamin with an immune enhancing twist.  Daily dosage - 2 with meals, 3 times per day.

b.   Bio-D Emulsion Forte is an emulsified liquid form of vitamin D3 (the safe non-toxicform) - one drop supplies 2000 I.U.s. The average individual requires 4000-6000 I.U.s per day: 2-3 drops per day will supply that.  Have vitamin D levels tested to know exactly how much you will need.

c.  Lauricidin is the important part of coconut oil that helps give a boost to the immune system: 1 scoop per day.    

Prevention for Kids (40-100 lbs): 

1.  #1 - #4 are the same               

2.  Supplementation for the Fall and Winter:

a.  Use Bio-Immunozyme Forte if they have no trouble swallowing capsules; or else substitute with a high potency multiple vitamin and mineral for kids.         

b.   Bio-D-Mulsion Forte: 1-2 drops per day depending on the child's size.

c.   Lauricidin: 1/2 scoop per day.                             

Cold and Flu Relief for Adults - So what do you do IF you do come down with a cold or flu?

As soon as symptoms are felt:

1.  Without fail, strictly avoid all dairy.

2.  Stay hydrated - drink 1 quart of water for every 50 lbs of body weight up to 3 quarts per day.

3.  Follow the age old advice: get plenty of rest, and eat a high quality, high protein broth (chicken soup's claim to fame).

4.  Supplementation for a 150 lbs person:

a.  Bio-Immunozyme Forte: 2 with meals, 3 times per day.

b.  ZnAC - a zinc, vitamin A and vitamin C formula; because more nutrition is needed when sick or ill.

c.  Cytozyme THY - to stimulate the immune system.

d.  Bio-D-Mulsion Forte: 2-3 drops per day.   

e.  Lauricidin: 3 scoops per day.

Relief for Kids 

Generally follow the same as outlined for adults but adjust down to size and age.

Are you getting sick every year?  Does the cold or flu persist or seem to take “forever” for you get over?  Consider setting up a consultation with us as soon as possible.  There may be something more important going on.

In good health,

Dr. Curtis Baird

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