Riverbender.com Wellness Column

As a frequent columnist for Riverbender.com, our Wellness Coach, Liz, educates the community on health through researched, insightful topics with a touch of humor. Ms. Sindelar-Loy uses her background in long term care, personal training, chiropractic and functional medicine to tackle relevant topics that affect health and wellness

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Combatting The Coronavirus: Keep Calm and Stay Vigilant By Taking Precautions

Self-Care is Not Achieved with a Shot Glass, Beer Bottle or Wine Glass

It's OK to Grieve Celebrities More Passionately Than Others

As We Grieve Together, We Shall Overcome

Out of Faith, Hope and Love Comes Christmas Miracles

Eat the Extra Piece of Pie and Enjoy the Holiday Season

Y2K: The Cannabis Edition

Need Guaranteed Time Off? Throw Manners Out the Doo

The Immunity Herd Conundrum

Decrease Burnout: Adapt a Wellness Culture in the Workplace

The Emotional Baggage We Refuse To Talk About

Dear Chicken Nugget, You Complete Me

Have We Lost Our Ability to Decipher What is True or False?

Don't Get Scammed: CBD or Snake Oil?

Can We Be Honest About Opioid Addiction?

Why Educating For Alternative Pain Management Instead of Opioids Has Become a Personal Mission

Welcome Failure Into Your Life

Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep

Are You Healthy Or Are You Well?

The Tech Monster Lurking Inside

Madame Sugar And Her Dopamine Dance

Don't Let The Quality Of Your Life Be Defined By Technology

Tame The Gremlin Inside This Holiday Season

Before Assisting Others, Place The Oxygen Mask On Yourself

Just W.A.I.T. If You Want To Be A High Performance Achiever

Brace Yourself, Break Up Season Is Upon Us

Don't Lose Your Holiday Cheer, Just W.A.I.T.

The Rise of The Armchair Athlete

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