Wellness Coaching

Learn to Achieve BALANCE in the 8 Dimensions of Wellness

(physical, emotional, occupational, environmental, spiritual, intellectual & social)

At Main Street Chiropractic-Wellness Center, we don't follow a one size fits all approach to wellness.  At our core, we understand that true health is more than just the absence of disease.  Therefore, we view the relationship between health and wellness as multi-dimensional. To be truly healthy is to be balanced in the 8 dimensions that are vital to achieving wellness.

Our wellness coach, Elizabeth Sindelar-Loy, will be the change agent and the difference between success and failure when it comes to achieving your wellness goals. When working with her, you are the decision maker. What she won't be is an expert telling you what to do or shame you when you don't comply or make you fit an average based on the population.  Instead she will empower you to become your own expert.

Our wellness coaching program is based on the foundation that our lives aren't identical, our challenges are unique and we all have different experiences that have led us to make the lifestyle choices we are wanting to change.  The path to better health is an active process. Wellness coaching will help you become more aware of your roadblocks and allow you to make the choices to navigate a path towards a better QUALITY of life.

As someone who battles a chronic health issue of her own, Elizabeth, understands that the path to wellness can be overwhelming and intimidating especially if results aren't immediate. That is why she helps guide you to clarity and the understanding that the path to wellness is a long game.

Your first consultation will explore what you hope to gain from wellness coaching.  During it, Elizabeth, will help you establish your goals, learning style, readiness for change, strengths, etc.  You will also start to familiarize yourself with the 8 dimensions of wellness in order to decide which vital part of your foundation needs to be strengthened first. 

After the initial consultation, the length and amount of sessions is unique and tailored to the goals you are trying to achieve.  Learning to understand how the goals you have set align with your values will provide the insight needed to fuel your motivation for change.

"Imagine a person who supports you unconditionally. Empowers you to discover your own wisdom and strength. And helps you create you own solutions to problems, wherever you are, and without judgement."

- Anonymous

· Gain an accountability cheerleader

· Receive guidance specifically designed to your goals

· Learn basic health information

· Find success using motivational tools

· Dietary guidance including reading nutritional labels, grocery shopping & meal preparation

· A weight loss program tailored to your body

· Balance your life with stress reduction tools

8 Dimensions of Wellness

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